XXIV World Congress
International Society for Heart Research

12–15 June 2022 • Berlin, Germany

Congress Details

Scientific program

The scientific program committee is happy to present in the following the program structure, which will successively being filled with content. The main topic of the congress is "Heart Research, Innovation, Translation - Cardiovascular science for the next generation".

Program structure

Parallel scientific sessions

  • Cardiac Metabolism
  • - Mito- and Glyco- metabolic pathologies
    - Cardiac fuel and function
    - Signalling regulation in cardiac metabolic stress
  • Emerging Concepts for Cardiac Regulation: Beyond the Genome
  • - Multifaceted RNA involvement in cardiopathology
    - Epigenetic modulation of cardiac dysfunction and failure
    - Multi-omics approaches to understand heart failure
  • Ion Channel Mechanisms, Arrhythmias, Electrophysiology & Ca2+ signaling
  • - Arrhythmogenic cellular etiologies
    - Atrial dysfunction and morphology - new insights into disease mechanisms
    - Channels and transporters in cardiac pathology
  • New Insights into Cardiac Dysfunction
  • - New sarcomeric perspectives in cardiac remodelling
    - Sarcomeric disruption & dysfunction in the failing heart
    - Cardiopathologies of aging and inflammation
    - Defining molecular defects in cardiac failure
  • New Mechanisms of Cardioprotection and Injury
  • - Targeting autophagy to treat cardiac disease
    - Mitochondrial ions, channels and transport in cardiac pathology
    - Novel mechanisms for cardioprotection
    - Targetting signalling pathways for cardiac rescue
  • Regenerative & Re-engineering Approaches for Heart Disease
  • - Forging therapuetic development using engineered tissue
    - New Frontiers in regeneration and reprogramming
    - Optimising cell therapies and using cell model systems
  • Signaling in Cardiac Disease and Therapy
  • - New understanding of key myocardial signalling pathways
    - Characterizing signaling compartments and crosstalk in hypertrophy & failure
    - Injury and inflammation - understanding pathology pathways
    - G-Protein coupled receptor axes of signalling

Plenary sessions

  • Outstanding Investigator Award
  • Keith Reimer Distinguished Lecture
  • Research Achievement Award
  • Peter Harris Distinguished Scientist Award
  • Janice Pfeffer Distinguished Lecture
  • President's Distinguished Lecture
  • Richard J Bing Young Investigators Award
  • Meeting highlights and closing ceremony

ECI symposium

Poster sessions

Industry symposia

Networking program