XXIV World Congress
International Society for Heart Research

12–15 June 2022 • Berlin, Germany

Congress Details

We congratulate the winners of the XXIV World Congress International Society for Heart Research:

Peter Harris Distinguished Scientist Award
Rodolphe Fischmeister (Châtenay-Malabry Cedex/FR)
Cyclic AMP signaling in the normal and failing heart – compartmentation and therapeutic implications

Research Achievement Award
E. Douglas Lewandowski (Columbus, OH/US)
Metabolic flux in the driver’s seat during cardiac health and disease

Outstanding Investigator Award
Benjamin Prosser (Philadelphia, PA/US)
Cardiac microtubulte – control of myocyte mechanics, transport, and growth

Keith Reimer Distinguished Lecture
Barbara Casadei (Oxford/GB)
Atrial fibrillation and cardioembolic stroke – a multidisciplinary look at an old problem

Janice Pfeffer Distinguished Lecture
Lea M. D. Delbridge (Parkville/AU)
Glycophagy – a non-canonical glycogen handling process disrupted in diabetic heart disease

President‘s Distinguished Lecture
Manuel Mayr (London/GB)

Distinguished Leader Award
Metin Avkiran (London/GB)

Richard J Bing Young Investigator Award Finalists
Yuliang Feng (Oxford/GB)
Rewiring of 3D chromatin topology orchestrates transcriptional reprogramming and the development of human dilated cardiomyopathy

Andrew Gibb (Philadelphia/US)
Glutaminolysis is essential for myofibroblast persistence and in vivo targeting reverses fibrosis and cardiac dysfunction in heart failure

Toshiyuki Ko (Tokyo/JP)
Aberrant interaction between TEAD1 and Lamin A/C causes dilated cardiomyopathy

Tim Stüdemann (Hamburg/DE)
Contractile force of transplanted cardiomyocytes contributes to heart function115

Congratulations to all winners for the ISHR Congress 2020:
The following award lectures were presented virtually in 2020 due to the pandemic. The physical awards were given during the general assembly 2022.

Peter Harris Distinguished Scientist Award
Elizabeth Murphy (Bethesda, MD/US)

Research Achievement Award
Livia Hool (Perth/AU)

Keith Reimer Distinguished Lecture Award
Ronglih Liao (Stanford, CA/US)

Janice Pfeffer Distinguished Lecture Award
Mauro Giacca (London/GB)

President’s Distinguished Lecture Award
Litsa Kranias (Cincinnati, OH/US)

Distinguished Leader Award
Fabio di Lisa (Padova/IT)